Monday, August 19, 2013

Ending a long transition!

Today feels like the end of a four year long transition!  Four years ago we were living in the East.  We felt certain this is where God called us and our plan was to stay until Logan graduated from high school.  God had other plans on the length of our stay when He brought Nathan, Owen and Mia into our lives.  For years we kept hoping we could go back. (The problem is the extensive therapy needed for Nathan and Owen to thrive is just not available.) All our decisions were based on the short term not believing we would be in Birmingham too long.  We moved a few times from Homewood to Vestavia and back to Homewood, knowing none of these were permanent stays.  In the meantime Preston got a contract job  at Hoar Construction which turned into a great full time job.  He loved his job but found his real passion and calling in teaching not corporate life.  After looking at various teaching possibilities God clearly opened the door for Preston to teach at Samford.  We are very excited to begin this next chapter in our lives.  Preston is now an Associate Professor teaching in the Interior Architecture department and is still doing some contract work with Hoar Construction.  In June we purchased another house in Homewood.  This home better accommodates our family and provide all the room the boys need.  Since May 2009 we moved 7 times....the next 4 year we plan to move 0 times.  We are glad this long transition lead us right where God wants they always do.

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