Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Michigan Adventure: Day 4

Our entire day was spent on Mackinaw Island.  Preston and I enjoyed a beautiful run this morning while my Mom watched the boys.  Our entire family headed to town (a 2 mile walk).  We enjoyed the time talking and the cool breeze that floats across the island.  We grabbed a bite to eat and all met on the big front law of the Fort.  A great place to eat because it also came with a license for the kids to run around wild and crazy.
Nathan is checking his time to see how long we have stayed here.
Owen was a little tired after lunch and fell asleep.

Our next adventure was to bike around the island.  This is something I started doing as a child and is a staple for all trips to Mackinaw Island.  Nathan and Owen rode in a trailer.  They loved it!
Logan loved riding bikes and can 't wait until we come back and do it again.
Another staple from Mackinaw Island is learning to skip rocks! 
Owen with my cousin Jenni. Owen loves the water so much!
Logan managed to get completely soaked so Uncle Bob was nice enough to dry out his shirt.
Nathan loved playing in the rocks!
Enjoying the water and view of the Mackinaw Bridge.
Dan with his girls.
Jenni with her girls.

Ice cream after the bike ride.
Nathan did not want to eat any ice cream so now he is wondering how long this will take.
Logan is being a super sweet brother and sharing some of his Blue Moon ice cream with Owen.
Nathan is timing the man making fudge.
Walking on the rocks is the only way!

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