Monday, June 17, 2013

Rainy afternoon

So knowing the rain was going to be pouring down about 3:00, I got Nathan and Owen ready for the pool before picking up Logan from music camp.  We rushed home and Logan and I got dressed.  We made it to the pool, by 12:30, and were in it an entire 4 minutes before it started to thunder.  Thunder = pool closing for 20 minutes.  We went on home where it continued to thunder on and off for the next hour.  The boys were all disappointed.  I offered to take them bowling after Nathan and Owen napped. All three boys love bowling, so it was a good alternative.

Logan won both games. He was very excited. 

Logan is a great helper with his brothers.

Mom, I rolled the ball.
Uh, Mom it is making a really loud noise.
Logan, the professional bowler.

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