Friday, June 28, 2013

Big progress and cool assesories

Nathan is doing really well in therapy.  He walks on the treadmill 10-12 minutes and then works on standing all by himself.
When he gets really tired he starts doing his own hamstring stretches.
While Nathan was working Owen was working on driving a motorized wheelchair.  He loves to go driving and is making good progress.

Nathan and Owen received some great gifts for my birthday.  Nathan received his arm extender
And Owen received his T.L.S.O. (Back brace)
I am having an awesome birthday.  I woke up in the playroom of our new house with my 4 guys.  Logan wanted to have a big slumber party!  Preston made blueberry pancakes.  I got a really nice cream scoop from him (perfect if you know me well) and the boys bought me an electric juicer...with lots of fruit!!!  

While Logan and I were rushing around packing, running last minute trip errands, swimming lessons, etc Nathan and Owen were at our house having the best time with Miss Mary Jo (she is their primary aid at school).  They absolutely LOVE her and she is so wonderful with them. 

Right now I am enjoying some quiet time waiting for Logan to finish his last day of swimming lessons.  The end of the week show is starting soon!
Logan is the one practicing the prone float.

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