Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big Day for Owen

Today was an important day for Owen.  He had two extra visitors during some of his therapy sessions. During Physical Therapy, Brian from National Seating and Mobility came to observe Owen drive the power wheel chair.  From the observations he gathered, he is creating a custom set-up that will allow Owen the best access possible for driving.  He is putting together a loaner chair for Owen to have for a couple of weeks and practice every day at home.  We are trying to decide if Owen is ready for a power chair or if we need to wait a bit and try it again when he is a little older.  During Owen's Speech Therapy appointment Wayne from Tobii (augmentative communication technology company), Karen (from Children's Rehabilitation Services), Melissa (his speech therapist) and Meredith (another speech therapist that wanted to observe) all played with Owen on the  brand-new Tobii eye gaze system (brought by Wayne).  Owen did a phenomenal job.  Everyone was so excited and proud of him.  They said he was a dream child on it.  The eye gaze device is being ordered for Owen soon.

Here is a little video of Owen playing a game on the eye gaze system. 

When the possibility of Owen having an eye gaze system was first mentioned, I was not very excited.  I just had this image of a child who just sat and starred at this computer screen and did not show much mental ability.  Owen has now used the eye gaze system during 4-5 trial sessions and I am more and more amazed and blown away by his cognitive ability to navigate the eye gaze system and the enhancement of his expressive language.  I believe this eye gaze is going to open up his world and really allow his expressive language to be caught up with his cognitive ability.  Today he played several games.  When he was playing "Wack a Mole" he was telling us his colors before he wacked the moles. He was able to smash flying bees, play a game of Memory and tell everyone what he ate for lunch.  He gave his therapist commands and answered her questions as she read him a Pete the Cat book.

Nathan did really well in both PT and OT today too.  He is working really hard and his sitting is greatly improving.  He can sit on a bench for about 5 minutes before he get tired and lays down.  He is working hard on standing and did 12 minutes of walking on the treadmill today.  He played tons and tons of games in OT and is really improving his fine motor skills.

Logan had another good day at art camp.  I will post pictures of his work soon.  His teacher is incredible and he is learning so much.  I know he is sad for tomorrow to be his last day.

After our busy day we spent some time at the pool this afternoon.  We try to get to the pool at least 3-4 times a week.  It is a nice walk from our house and a great way to spend the later part of the afternoon.  All three boys love the water and it is really good for Nathan and Owen's muscles.

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  1. Those boys are really moving along in the world. Soon the world will be their oyster, with lots of exciting new opportunities. They are sure lucky to have you two as parents. My guess is that Logan is fascinated by that eye-gaze system.