Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Appointment Tuesday turned FUN!!

Tuesday is FULL of appointments.  Before Nathan's physical therapy appointment we had 45 minutes of fun at the park.  (I am going to miss having a park 2 blocks away).

Owen enjoyed sliding with me and a light saber.  He had to protect himself from Darth Vizar (Logan).
Nathan enjoyed his time swinging too.

Nathan did a phenomenal job at therapy and even stood alone for 4 seconds several times...this was after his 12 minutes of treadmill work, so he was tired.  I can't wait to work on it at home to see him improve more and more.  He also received a prescription for twist shirts!  Sounds stylish!!!  They are to help rotate his legs back in as they have rotated too far out now.  He is being measured at BioTech on Friday while we are there doing more work on the arm extender.  I am glad we can multitask at these visits.

Next we rushed over to sign some papers for the purchase of our new house tomorrow.  We had a little time so we stopped at Which Which (a sandwich shop).  This was the first time we have ever eaten there.  It was yummy.
Then we were off to swimming lessons with Miss Emily.  Logan is making really good progress!

After my dentist appointment (fun times) we headed to the pool for some fun family time.

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