Saturday, May 4, 2013

Owen eats

Yesterday Owen accompanied me to Logan's after school play time with his classmates at McDonalds. I decided to give him a couple of Logan's french fries. He sucked on them and slowly ate them. I was pretty excited. Then last night we decided to take a trip to the Galleria to get Preston a new pair of shoes and a new sound system for our living room. I was about to start dinner and Logan asked if we could get pizza. We decided to get the pizza, since we very rarely do, and just eat it on the way. I made a dinner for Nathan and Owen and thought we would feed them in the food court. On the way Owen kept telling me "bite". I took a slice of pizza and held it up to his mouth and to my surprise he ate the entire thing! With each meal we keep offering him new things. Today for lunch was chicken nuggets and dinner was meat balls. Tomorrow morning we are going to try pancakes. I think the removal of his tonsils has greatly improved his eating! We are so excited.

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