Friday, May 31, 2013

Medical Update

The boys are doing well!

  Nathan's legs are straight and he is working hard on strengthening them now.  He still sleeps in his wedge and knee immobilizers and will for a while. He has lots of physical therapy each week and we work a lot at home on walking, standing, sit to stand and sit ups to drop blocks in buckets.  He enjoys doing his therapy because he loves the mobility.  Tuesday we had an appointment with his physiatrist, CP doctor.  I discussed with him the desire to have a prosthetic arm extender and Nathan's right arm (the bone is curving a lot and making that arm shorter).  He has a hard time propping while sitting because of the shortened length. We have an appointment with BioTech June 10 for them to begin the process of making Nathan a custom arm extension piece for Nathan.  He should be able to bench sit better and free up his left hand for more function.

 Owen also had an appointment with the physiatrist.  He also has an appointment with BioTech on June 10 to have a custom T.L.S.O. made.  A T.L.S.O. Is a back brace.  This will give some support to his torso.  This should also help relax his arms a bit making them more functional.  An additional plus is this will help reduce the possibility of scoliosis (which lots of kids with dystonic CP get).

  Just to be sure Logan did not feel left out (ha,ha) I took him to the eye doctor yesterday for a check up.  He rubs his eyes a lot and since I wore glasses as a child and Preston does now I just wanted to play it safe and have him checked out.  He is a little far sided but does not need glasses.  He was very happy to hear that report.

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