Tuesday, March 5, 2013

T - 4 days

The countdown has begun. Logan is getting really excited. He is talking a lot about our trip and how he loves to ride on airplanes. Owen seems to understand. His biggest concern is who he will be sitting by on the planes. Every time we ask he says, mama. Nathan is ready to go with the flow.

I have purchased most everything we need, which this time includes lots of food and drink for Nathan and Owen. Because they have a lot of feeding issues and Owen is lactose intolerant I am bringing lots of food and drinks just in case they can't eat much. On top of food, I have some fun games like transformers, books, basketball and bowling (the first is Logan's newest passion and the last two are Nathan's and Owen's.). Lots of clothes for the 5 of us and notes from a few different doctors explaining their diagnosis and the need for us to bring this equipment top off the packing fun. I have four suitcases and am dividing everything up equally. This way just in case one does not make it we will still have plenty. Most importantly we are bringing excited, open hearts to be used by God.

Now, just four more busy days to make it through. Today we have OT, eye gaze trial, and an ortho appointment to discuss Nathan's legs. Wednesday is always fun and busy with school, piano and church. Thursday and Friday are more low key with school and playing with friends. I am sure we will fill up the time running a few last minute errands.

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