Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lebanon Part 3: Sunday - worship and rest (sight seeing)

Sunday morning we were able to join a couple of our hosts and attend worship with them.  I always LOVE attending worship services in another culture and language.  It always remind me of just how big God is. It was all in Arabic, but we were able to wear headphones that translated everything into English for us.

After church we headed to Jieta Gratto.  Unfortunately we were not able to take any pictures in their.  It was magnificent.  The floor to ceiling hight was hundreds of feet.  We were able to ride a boat through the lower part of the Gratto.  Everyone really enjoyed the sites!  If you are ever in sure to check it out.

Next we went to Byblous, a place on the Sea that was about 45 minutes south of Beirut.  We were able to tour an ancient castle, that went back 12,000 BC.  We were able to see all of the different additions from each people group that took over the the castle.

 This is one of my favorite pictures.  I love the sun flowing through the clouds.  It has such depth.  It reminds me of how the light of Christ can break through anything.
 An old Lebanese house in with all the ruins.
 View of the sea from the Castle.
 The Castle.
 Logan helping the tour guide lead the tour.  She just loved Logan and he was so glad to learn and be a part of teaching everyone.
 View of the city behind the castle.
 Castle wall.

 Logan with Beardface Google watching the fishing boats.
 Fishing boat on the sea.
Preston and I.
 Some of the guys on the trip wanted to help out carrying the backpacks.  Here is Nathan sleeping on Chris.
 Owen is sleeping on Ryan.
 Check out cool man Logan.
The sea.

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