Saturday, January 19, 2013

Busy Saturday!

We had a wonderful Saturday! It started off with an Upward Basketball game. Logan's kindergarten teacher, Miss Zachow, came to watch his game. He was very excited!

After the game we headed to The Bell Center for the boys to work on the graduation legacy piece. They are making a big painting that all 2013 Bell Center graduates have a part in painting.

In the afternoon while Nathan and Owen napped and Preston worked on the brakes for the van, Logan and I had a fun afternoon outing. Our first stop was Yogurt Mountain. We then headed to Toys R Us to get a new car for his Cars collection. Finally we played for a while together at Overton Park.

After dinner we attended the Westminster homecoming basketball game. All the home games are played at Samford which makes it nice and close for us. As soon as we got there a few kids in Logan's class spotted him so he was up in the bleachers playing with them. We sat close by but let him just have fun with his friends. At half time there were a few people selected to try 3 point shots. One of the people they brought out there was Mrs. Keeler, Logan's principal. When Logan saw her out there he ran across the court and she opened her arms wide open and they gave each other a big hug. Later in the game we saw him sitting on her lap for several minutes. Some little souvenir balls were thrown into the stands. Mrs Keeler caught one and gave it to Logan - which he thought was supper cool.

We all had a wonderful Saturday together. If only it could have been longer.

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