Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A little motivation

Owen has found his motivation to walk in his gait trainer. As with any three year old, he had to come up with it himself.

He loves ball ball (basketball). Logan received a 54" outdoor hoop for Christmas. We play basketball outside everyday the weather is nice (which is quite a bit this winter). On MLK all the boys were out of school. Nathan had speech therapy and Logan asked if someone could please babysit him instead of having to tag along. Luckily for him, both my parents had the day off. I dropped both he and Owen off at my parents. They ate lunch and Owen napped while Logan played. Just before they were to get in the car to come home Logan asked if he could bring the Little Tikes basketball hoop that was his as a little kid back to our house. Most of the time I tell him no because our house is so small but this time I decided to say yes and just plan to keep it outside. Once we got it back here, and Logan was showing me his slam dunks, I decided to lower it all the way and see what Nathan and Owen could do. They love playing and throwing the ball in the basket. It has now become a permanent fixture in our house. Owen will walk all the way across the room to get to it!!

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