Monday, November 26, 2012

Nathan's CI Surgery

This morning we arrived at Children's Hospital at 7. In record time, about 20 minutes, we were already back in our pre-op room. After weight check, lots of questions, a visit from the nurse anesthetist, anesthesiologist, and the ENT resident he was headed back to surgery about 8:30 and they began surgery at 9. About 10:30 Dr Woolley came and told us everything went well. About 11:30 Preston and I were sent to a room in the one day surgery floor and at 12:15 Nathan joined us. About 1:30 Nathan started having lots of breathing problems and he was put on an oxygen cannula and had to receive oxygen by face mask twice. There has been talk about sending Nathan to the special care unit, but they are full so they are trying to transfer someone out to open a room. I'll update as things progress.

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