Friday, November 9, 2012

2nd Cochlear Implant

When the doctor came in our room after Nathan's 1st cochlear implant surgery he said the surgery went so well that he would be ready to do the 2nd one any time. Some times both implants are done at the same time but if the person has any delays or special needs they like to do them one at a time. Several months ago we went back for a check-up and our doctor again mentioned wanting to do the second implant on Nathan. There is a certain window of opportunity to place the second implant. Once the brain is used to just hearing from one ear it does not adapt well to listening with the second ear, making the second implant not very beneficial. I brought this suggestion to the therapist for discussion (the therapy and audiology team need to discuss it too since they track his progress much more closely). We decided to wait a little while until we all felt Nathan had a better mapping of his implant and was hearing and responding better. A few weeks ago we decided Nathan was at that point and we would go ahead and schedule the surgery. It is usually several months wait for a surgery date. Nathan's surgery date is November 26. We are very excited to give Nathan this opportunity.

Prayer Request:
-Nathan to remain healthy for the surgery.
-No complications during the surgery.
-Dr Woolley - ENT surgeon
-Insurance payment- we have a letter from our insurance deeming the procedure medically necessary but will not confirm or deny payment until after the surgery. In all our experience thus far this letter has been followed with payment, so this is what we are praying for this time.

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