Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Unintentional shoe shopping

Yesterday after all three boys were done with school CiCi and Paw Paw came over to babysit so I could go to the doctor to see about my foot. You may remember that my foot has been hurting for some time. After waiting for it to feel better on it's own and several months going to a podiatrist with no relief, a therapist friend advised me to see an orthopedic surgeon. He gave me the name of an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in feet. So, by the end of my appointment I got to leave with a new boot. (Just one so I must be really bad at getting new shoes). My foot is broken and that is why it was never healing. I return in three weeks to check the progress on healing. If it is healing then I get to wear the boot for several more weeks. If it is not healing, and sadly they don't expect it to in the boot, then I will be put in a cast for at least 6 weeks. Please pray God uses the boot to heal because I can't imagine functioning in every day life with a cast.

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