Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Week

Our week has been very busy. Preston was in Orlando at the beginning of the week. Monday evening his Grandfather passed away. We will all miss Mr E very much. It is comforting to know he is home in Heaven.

Tuesday we went to several productive appointments. We saw all three of our therapists at Hand in Hand. Melissa, SLP, worked with Owen on the computer, Kristi, PT worked with both boys. The highlight of Owen's time was trying to drive this car! Andrew, OT, also stopped to give Owen a chew straw to help with his teething and a small wrist splint for his right hand. Both boys also had new pairs of AFOs made. Nathan also went to see the orthopedic surgeon. Owen was so tired he slept through the whole thing. Nathan's hamstrings are VERY tight. He is not able to straighten his legs all the way. We are looking to have his hamstrings lengthened in order for him to sit and eventually walk less assisted. We have done stretching and Botox but with his degree of tightness it is believed that only the surgery will give us the results he needs. We are praying about this and the timing. Your prayers are appreciated too.

Wednesday we spent the day with Preston's family and had Mr E's funeral. It was nice to see so much family. Just wish it were for a happy occasion. Wednesday night we learned that a very close family friend passed away, so we made plans to travel to Michigan.

Thursday morning we had an augmentative communication pre-evaluation. An SLP from CRS came out to play with the boys and observe them. Our next evaluation will include a PT, OT, SLP and rehab tech guru. They will look at lots of different devices for the boys, much more in depth for Owen because he has such difficulty moving his arms. In the mean time she told me of a few good iPad apps for the boys to use.

Now we are on our way to Michigan.

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