Thursday, July 5, 2012

School with Teacher Mommy

This morning we played school (speech and occupational therapy). Logan loves playing school with his brothers. We read books, play with toys, work on puzzles, sing songs and enjoy a snack. Pburdell the school mascot even joined us. Owen was so worn out he fell asleep at the end of class.

Today Preston talked with Nathan's audiologist, Emily. We feel Nathan is not getting full benefit from his implant. This is absolutely no persons fault. We just need lots more mapping appointments to figure out Nathan. We also discussed with Emily the desire to push Nathan on his mapping. We are okay with him being somewhat upset about hearing voices at the beginning so that he can gain much more benefit. She is totally on board and also promises never to do anything that would hurt Nathan. We scheduled two appointments very close together. The first we will put him on the ideal map setting and see if in two days he can get used to the map and not be upset. His first appointment is August 8 and the second is August 10.

Owen received another chair to try out this weekend. This chair has two bases to switch the seat between. One is a hydraulic high/low base and the other is a stroller base. No big reaction from Owen yet on the chair but I'll let you know by Monday when we return the chair.

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