Friday, July 27, 2012

Enjoying the last few weeks of summer!!

We have less than 3 weeks left of summer so we are trying to have as much fun as possible. Yesterday we went to the pool for a couple of hours. Logan started trying to swim without his float!! Big steps. I am planning to put him in swimming lessons at thee end of the summer, especially since he is really loving the pool now. This is something new.

This morning we had a great time playing at home. Owen played trains with Logan for a while. All of us went into N's & O's room to play puppet show, bowling, farm, driving and just have lots of fun. After naps we went to the Rec Center at Dawson and had a great time playing games and ran around the gym.

Tonight we had a little Olympics watching party (just our family). Logan picked the menu- something for every color. Yellow-pineapple, Green - grapes, Red - strawberries, Blue - blueberries and black was supposed to be blackberries but there were none at the store.

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