Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 36

Today I turned 33. I think Logan was more excited than me. It's not that I am not excited, he is just really excited. He loves when anyone has a birthday. Preston spoiled me this morning with a pancake breakfast and two wonderful gifts (2 massages gift certificate and session 3 of Everwood). I had a fun relaxing day with the family followed by some yummy Korean food for dinner.

Nathan had CI mapping today. Mapping takes quite a while because they work on each electrode. It is all based on his reaction. We spent a little over an hour on all of them. They were turning Nathan up significantly higher, which I was very pleased with because he has not been responding to voices much lately. As we were packing up to leave Nathan just flipped out. He started crying really hard and got so angry he was shaking. We took off the implant. It took several minutes to calm him down. We put the implant back on and he was fine for a few minutes then he started crying really hard again. We took it off and went to the waiting room to see if a new environment would help or if the noise of the waiting room would be too much (better to test everything before we leave). Well, the waiting room did not go well. We went back and they set his new map in the middle of where he was and where they had set him during the appointment. This is still a louder map than the one we came in on. They also set his other 3 presets to gradually get louder and louder- getting close to the optimal map. If the transition goes smoothly we will go back in 3 months for updated mapping. They also turned off the 12th electrode because they think it is outside the cochlea and causes too much facial twitching making all the other electrodes be set too low in order for that one to not be too high. It is amazing how so many things are all interlinked. Please pray for Nathan that he does well on his new map and we can work through the others so we can go louder and louder. He has not had tons of loud sound stimulation in his life so it may be that he just does not like sound. Obviously we need to work through this. Please pray for this process to go smoothly and quickly.

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