Friday, March 16, 2012

What's New with the Hite Family

Preston and Janelle...
Last weekend our parents kept our kids and we headed off to Rome, Georgia. In Rome is a wonderful retreat, Winshape, owned and operated by Truet Cathy (the Owner of Chick-Fil-A). Preston gave me this weekend as a Christmas gift. The amenities were incredible, the food delicious, and the scenery gorgeous. We also were privileged to hear Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn who wrote "For Women Only" and "For Men Only". We had lots of free time to explore the 26,000 acres and 40 miles of hiking trials. We had an incredible time and hope we can get away to Winshape once a year.

As always, Nathan is loving life.
In order to help his legs become straighter he is now sleeping in casts. He does not seem to mind them. He does have one for each leg, though this picture only shows the left.Nathan is working really hard on prop sitting. He is doing really well.Nathan spends some time in his stander a few times a week. This helps him strengthen to be able to stand. He does not mind it at all, especially when he can play with his favorite toy.
Owen is as happy as can be and doing well too. He is really developing in the speech area. He really seems to understand a lot too! It is so nice to see his communication developing so much. Owen is also doing well in his gait trainer now. Owen loves to sit and play his piano. He was sitting nicely until he saw me start taking pictures, then he just wanted to turn into a ham.

Logan is doing very well. He loves school and has particularly enjoyed the unit on Space (see the museum below). He has picked his piece for his piano recital (April 21 at Dawson) and can't wait until next Thursday when he can go to Ms Amy's art class. This week is spring break for him. We are looking forward to some relaxing time at home (and still some therapy for Nathan and Owen). We are also planning on taking a trip to Huntsville to the Space and Rocket Center, a small spring break party for those friends who are in Birmingham next week, and a trip or two to the zoo.

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