Friday, March 30, 2012

Self Feeding

We are working on some self feeding. Yay!!!!!

Nathan gets pretty excited about chocolate pudding. It is a good consistency because it is smooth (their preferred texture) but does not slide off the spoon as easy as yogurt. Today he put it to his lips a few times and also really enjoyed stirring his spoon in the pudding, putting his hand in it (which is a big deal for a kid that has as many texture issues as Nathan), painting his nose and his other arm. He had a great time with his chocolate pudding.
Owen enjoys trying to use his spoon but it is harder for him because his arms tighten up a lot. So, we decided to let him try eating Popsicles. This allows him to self feed but he does not have to bend his arms quite as much. He loved the popsicle!!

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