Sunday, February 19, 2012

Burn-out = Change of Heart

Our family is very blessed to live in a time and city that provides wonderful medical care for our family. Every doctor and therapist the boys need to see are readily available to us. We run across many families who travel hours to Birmingham to receive their therapy. The boys see three physical therapist, two occupational therapists, three speech therapist and a special education instructor. They also see a pulmonologist, ENT, pediatrician, neurologist, physiatrist, eye doctor, audiologist and probably a few more I can't think of now. Some times it feels like all this great care is just too much but at the same time I look at all the progress the boys are making and I know it is because of all the care they are receiving.

I was talking with one of my good friends over the weekend about feeling burned-out over the amount of appointments we have in a week. She provided me with some words of wisdom that are really sticking with me. Being a parent to kids with special needs is totally unique. If you are not a parent of kids with special needs you cannot comprehend the uniqueness (trials, success, victories, emotions, etc.) of our lives. The enrichment of our family's faith in God and seeing His hand work so miraculously in the lives of our boys is incredible. There are several families that we come across every day who do not have this hope, peace and comfort. We are in a unique position to be able to share God's love with these people who are in a similar situation. So, instead of feeling burnt-out from all the medical appointments we attend every week I am going to see each of these as a divine appointment from God to share a bit of His love, peace and comfort with these families.

As we go through our appointments every week I will blog about some of the conversations God puts in front of me. I am excited to share the wonderful story He has given us with others, to help them turn to Him.

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