Monday, January 2, 2012

Medical Update

December 22nd the boys had their 2 year appointment with their pediatrician. They both grew 6 inches in the last 6 months. They are both at 15% for a 2 yr old in height!!! Owen is 15% in weight. Nathan is not on the chart so he will be going back in another 3 months for a weight check. Nathan is so active he may just be burning tons of calories, but we need to follow his weight gain closely. Owen was taken off his acid reflux medicine and is doing very well. If you remember he had horrible reflux, grade 4 (really bad) and had several test early spring. We realized he was lactose intolerant and have him on a lactose free diet. He has done very well since he was taken off the meds about 2 weeks ago.

The boys recently had their 1 year OT evaluation. Nathan's OT skills are at 15 months with Owen at 15+ months. We were so pleased to hear how well they are doing. Considering corrected age, etc. 15 months is great!!!

On December 29th both boys had hearing test. This was Nathan's first hearing test since receiving his cochlear implant. Normal hearing is 0 dB to 30 dB. Nathan's number for speech hearing is at 15dB. This is incredible!! He is hearing at completely normal levels now. Owen has become very sensitive to sound. He had testing without his hearing aids on. We wanted to see exactly how well he is hearing. (There is a banana shaped threshold in hearing where all sounds above are audible. It is known as the speech banana). Owen is usually around the speech banana, a little above or a little below, giving him mild to moderate hearing loss. At his test last week he scored well above the speech banana in every section except very low tones. Just to confirm the results Owen will have another test this coming Thursday. We will begin the test with the low tones to see if he in fact can not hear these tones as well or if he was just tired at the last hearing test (because the low tones were tested last). For this week Owen was told to go without hearing aids. If all his scores are better on Thursday he will be hearing aid free. If his low tones are still not as good he will wear hearing aids with only the low tones boosted. God is obviously working in Owen's ears and we ask that you would pray for complete healing. I will update again on his hearing after his next test.


  1. Thanks for the update. Lisa Schooling is here in Wuxi and she asks about ya'll