Friday, January 6, 2012

God has something better!!!

There are many times in my life I have wanted to know the next step God has for us. I some times get impatient wanting to know: will we move, find the right house, get the right job, etc. I think all of us at times want to know the exact details of our future. Over the past two years God has really shown me that it is in my best interest to not know what He has planned for me until I am ready to receive it. His blessings and directions in my life are not going to change, but I am going to change as he prepares me for them.

I am also learning a lot in my prayer life. When Preston and I lived in Atlanta and were attending FBA, I remember Dr. Stanley would say God would answer yes, wait, or I have something better. The other day God did not answer my original prayer the way I thought He would, but He had something better. While running in the mornings I spend a lot of time in prayer and listening to praise music. I always pray for my family and my specific prayer for Nathan and Owen usually has something to do with their development. I decided to pray for them to sit up on Christmas Day. Well, even though we are getting close Christmas Day came and went and they are still not sitting on their own. On the 29th of December Nathan and Owen both had audiology tests to check their hearing. Nathan is now hearing in the Normal range with his implant. Praise God!! He is doing better than expected! Owen is also hearing in the Normal range and is now hearing aid free. Yes, let me say it again...Owen is hearing aid free!!!

Let's take a step back and review Owen's hearing. First he failed his first several hearing tests. He then had an ABR, which tracks neurological stimulus of sound to the brain. Owen showed that he could first hear sounds around 60 dB which is usually corrected by 10 dB, so he was at 50dB. He then had a hearing test confirming he did need hearing aids. Once he had his hearing aids he began speech therapy. Over the past 1 1/2 years he has had several hearing tests showing his need for the hearing aids. In May Owen received tubes in his ears which started cleaning out all the fluid. I believe as God was using the tubes to clear out the fluid in Owen's ear, He was doing something more in healing Owen's ear.

So, my prayer for sitting up was answered by something better, my two little guys can both now hear in Normal range!!!!

Here is a chart to help you understand the measurement of hearing. Nathan has gone from a 75 to a 15. On Nathan's high pitches he just had a complete drop off so he could not hear sounds in that frequency on any level. Owen has gone from a 50 to about a 10. At the beginning neither of them could hear all the sounds to hear speech and now both of them can!!!!

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  1. So glad to read about the amazing progress your boys have made. Thank God!