Sunday, August 7, 2011

Logan's birthday party

On Saturday Logan celebrated his 5th birthday with a big party at our house. About 50 of his family and friends came to celebrate his day. He loved playing with everyone....and everyone seemed to have a great time playing here too. Each child at the party received a conductor hat, train whistle and bag of candy. It was so cute to see most of his friends where their conductor hats. Our farthest away guests came from Bulgaria (my sister-in-law's parents) and his closest were his brothers, from right down the hall. :)

At one point we counted 15 kids playing on the swing set.

Those who weren't outside enjoyed playing in the play room.Or sitting in the living room.Cooper was stretching to see how tall he could reach.
Getting ready to sing happy birthday.And now eating the cake.Owen enjoyed the balloons.

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