Saturday, August 27, 2011

Catching Up

So, since I have not blogged in a while I will write just one big post incorporating all our family happenings from the last few weeks.

The biggest news is Logan starting kindergarten. We decided to send him to RDS for kindergarten. Their program is just top notch and thought it would be the best place for him. This will be Logan's third year at their school. He is absolutely loving school and learning so many new things. Just the other day he was telling Preston and I all the even and odd numbers. He can spell all the words in his word bank and even has made a book about his favorite things. This and many more...all in the first week.
A very kind person donated all these bottles of pediasure to one of the groups that provides therapy for Nathan and Owen. Since Nathan only drinks pediasure they called and asked if we would be interested. YES!!! We got 179 free bottles of pediasure, saving us about $300. Thank you!!!
Today we went to Sloss Furnace to the Bell Center Tailgate Challenge. The event is a fundraiser for the Bell Center, one of the places Nathan and Owen receive therapy. The event was a ton of fun and the weather was great (probably because it was semi indoors). Thanks to all our friends and family who join us at the event or bought tickets in support of the Bell Center. We really appreciate your support: Jennifer, Michael, Sarah, Big House, DiDi, Oma, PaPa, Russ, Aunt Brenda and Michele. There were lots of team tents with yummy tailgate food. Logan loved the big inflatable, ice cream and the big furnace area. Preston has already promised to have a Georgia Tech tent at next years event.

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