Saturday, July 30, 2011

Welcome SmeeSmoff and Swish Swish

On Friday Logan, Nathan, Owen and I headed to the pet store to find some fish. Owen loves watching the fish so much on the Baby Einstein video that I thought it would be good to have some real fish at our house. Logan was also very excited about the idea of getting his own pet. Finding fish turned out to be quite an adventure. The first pet store we went to only had a ferret, snakes, chinchilla, and hamsters. The second one we went to...well there were no pets because it is now closed. At the third pet store we found a plethora of fish to choose. The boys looked over all the fish and we ended up with two beta. Since these fish seem to be pretty hardy I thought they might work well in our home. (Let's just say we don't always have the best luck with fish. While in China neither Dorothy 1 nor Dorothy 2 lasted more than 8 hours). Logan picked out the tanks for he and his brothers too. On our drive home Logan decided he would name his fish SmeeSmoff and I decided we would name Nathan's and Owen's Swish Swish because that is the sound the fish makes in speech therapy. SmeeSmoff is living in Logan's room and Swish Swish is living in our play room. Last night Nathan was very excited to see Swish Swish and almost pulled his tank right off the fire place mantle. So far, we have had our fish 29 hours and they seem to be doing really well.

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