Friday, August 21, 2009

Fun find at the grocery store

So, grocery stores are a little different over here. We get all our fruits and veggies at a local stand in our neighborhood. They are about a block away. For other purchases we go to E-mart. It reminds me somewhat of a Wal-Mart. We can buy books, electronics, cleaning supplies, food, etc. Inside the building that holds the large E-Mart is kind of like a shopping mall. There are several little stores for more specialty items, a candy store, a bakery, a frame shop and one of my favorites, the Kodak store. I have been there three times in the past two weeks either dropping off or picking up pictures. Even though it is all in Chinese I have the system for downloading and getting the pictures down like a pro. Well, today Logan and I turned right to go downstairs instead of walking into the top floor of the E-mart. To our surprise we found a huge play land with a ball pit, trampoline, slides, climbing structures, etc. It was like a McDonald's playground, but about three times the size. On the other side they had the biggest sandbox I have ever seen. The place was very clean. All of this fun was only 12 RMB, less than $2 and for an unlimited time. So, Logan and I spent about an hour in there. Needless to say, now trips to the grocery store will be much more fun for him. I don't have any pictures to post of it, sorry. Who would have thought I needed to bring my camera to the grocery store.

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